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Experience Exclusivity, Serenity, & Renovation Mastery

Creating distinct spaces that address different needs and enrich people’s day-to-day lives is our goal.


Creating designs for commercial spaces demands a comprehensive grasp of both functionality and aesthetics. Equally crucial is the ability to articulate the distinctive brand identity of the business. At PnG, we strategically plan layouts, integrating ergonomic principles to uphold brand value and optimize productivity and workflow. Leveraging our expertise in commercial design, we’ve successfully transformed spaces into dynamic, functional, and visually appealing hubs that align with the organization’s objectives and leave a lasting impression on visitors.


Crafting the design of a home is an intimately personal and creative endeavor, customizing interiors to align with the residents’ preferences and requirements. The home design process goes beyond fulfilling practical needs; it aims to instill a feeling of comfort, warmth, and joy for those who call it home. The ultimate objective is to transform a house into a personalized haven that reflects the unique identity of its occupants.


Embark on a transformative journey within your space, striking a harmonious blend of preservation and innovation. Revitalize existing spaces by infusing them with new energy. Our renovation process deftly incorporates modern functionality and design elements into the existing structure, skillfully navigating the challenge of preserving the building’s character. We offer guidance on a diverse array of improvements, customized to fulfill the unique requirements of homeowners and businesses alike.


Elevate your space with our touch of distinction! We redefine design through unparalleled customization across various dimensions. Tailoring workstations to unique needs, we blend functionality with aesthetics. Our walk-in closets are more than storage—they’re personalized sanctuaries, turning the organization into an art form. A symphony of elegance, perfect for your treasures—handbags, clothes, suits, jewelry, and more.

Metal fabrication is our craft, and we’ve mastered bespoke creations that seamlessly align with your design theme. Our doors aren’t just entryways; they’re bold statements, leaving a lasting impression. At our core, customization is more than a service—it’s a testament to transforming spaces into curated reflections of individuality and sophistication. Let’s craft your unique masterpiece!