Piccolo & Grande | Interior Designer

Tv5 Kannada, News Channel, Bangalore

The TV5 office space underwent a meticulous design process, considering every detail from inception to completion. Being a media office, we had to accommodate various elements such as reception, management cabins, conference rooms, recording studios, interview rooms, and miscellaneous areas, all while maintaining a professional and elegant appearance. A thoughtful ergonomic plan was devised to optimize the overall layout of the space.

Luxurious materials, a carefully chosen color palette, innovative lighting solutions, stylish furniture, and premium flooring were seamlessly woven into the design, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. With seating for approximately 200 employees and ten private offices for managers, the result is a lavish workplace that radiates both professionalism and refinement. Welcome to the TV5 office, where thoughtful design meets opulence in a perfect blend.