Piccolo & Grande | Interior Designer

Hi Life Exhibitions, Bangalore

Elevating the standards of corporate aesthetics, the PnG team undertook a complete transformation of Hi Life Exhibitions, a leading fashion, lifestyle, and luxury exhibition company in India. The office now mirrors the company’s refined taste and contemporary flair, evolving into an exemplary corporate space. The infusion of white and grey tones on the walls, complemented by minimalist artifacts, high-quality flooring, and strategically placed greenery, exudes sophistication, exclusivity, and a natural ambiance.

Every corner of the property, including the entrance, restrooms, and balconies, has undergone renovations adhering to the highest standards. Prioritizing employee well-being, we focused on maximizing natural light and ventilation. Large windows, glass partitions, and the strategic inclusion of green elements seamlessly blend the outdoors with the indoors, fostering a healthier and more vibrant work environment.

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