Piccolo & Grande | Interior Designer

Designing Interiors With A Simplified Approach

We adeptly navigate through each stage, assuring the creation of exemplary and finely tailored perfection.

Our Process

Crafting spaces that combine style and functionality to match your unique preferences and needs is a dynamic journey. Join us at PnG as we meticulously navigate each step, ensuring the creation of stunning and personalized outcomes.

Site Visit

Delve into a world of possibilities with our on-site evaluations! We decode your space, understanding its limits and untapped potential. Uncover your lifestyle, preferences, and specific needs while we factor in natural light, ventilation, and architectural features. Let’s transform challenges into design opportunities!


The next phase involves meeting with the client to explore their vision, preferences, and budget. We prioritize effective communication and meticulously collect comprehensive information. It is essential to define the project’s scope, timeline, and budget constraints. Leveraging insights from the site visit, we also offer preliminary suggestions.


We craft a thorough interior design plan, utilizing mood boards and concept images to bring design ideas to life. For each space, we create detailed space plans and layout options. We present the initial design proposal to the client, seeking their feedback. The concept is then refined based on the valuable input received from the clients.


Our objective is to actualize the design concept within the designated timeline and budget. We work in tandem with contractors, architects, and other experts. Regular site visits are conducted to verify that the design is being executed according to the plan. Throughout the execution phase, we address any issues or changes promptly.