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Designing Spaces Through Artistry

Elevating beyond the ordinary, we fuse aesthetics and functionality to craft distinctive experiences spanning homes to hotels.

Piccolo & Grande: Inside

Conceived by a visionary London designer, we’re not just crafting spaces—we’re curating experiences. From homes to hotels, our legacy of excellence shines through. At Piccolo & Grande, innovation dances with timeless design, a symphony of aesthetics and functionality. Transcending the ordinary, we craft spaces that whisper sophistication and cradle comfort.

Welcome to exclusive spaces tailored to your unique style and preferences!

The Team


The Differentiators

Explore the facets that set us apart in our quest for interior design excellence.

Reasonable Prices

We produce furniture to fulfill needs of all people and offer it at affordable and fair prices

Exclusive design

Mixture of imagination, experience and professionalism is the secret of our design!

Professional Team

We are proud of our amicable, professional and always developing team!

Our Inspiration

We believe design has the power to inspire. Our mission is to craft spaces defined by personalized elegance and cutting-edge functionality. Drawing inspiration from nature’s palette, we infuse warmth and sophistication into every environment. With a global perspective, we prioritize cultural influences and sustainable practices, creating immersive experiences. Leaving an enduring mark on homes, offices, and communities is not just our goal – it’s our commitment.

Green Practice

We’re not just a design firm; we’re stewards of sustainable style. From eco-friendly materials to energy-efficient lighting, we make every project a green masterpiece. Our commitment extends to encouraging clients to invest in enduring, trend-defying furnishings, reducing waste, and leaving a lasting legacy of sustainable chic.

Awards & Recognitions

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Ensuring a safe experience from design to installation

We’re following all protocols to ensure your safety and vaccination drives are underway to ensure our employees are ready to meet you safely.

Our Clients

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